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Paganini RaceT70 LIGHT RACE

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Ribot is the very new 29” model of the Torpado 2013 range, designed to satisfy the requirements of anybody searching for a more stable mountain bike providing safety when confronting off-road difficulties. The large wheels facilitate obstacle crossing thus providing increased stability and safety thanks to the larger area in contact with the ground.
The frame, made with UD carbon is the most powerful as a lightweight, has a conical headset and internal cable routing.
The 440 mm rear stay combined with a 70° steering angle gives the mountain bike a compact wheelbase thus resulting in an extremely responsive and easy to handle bike. The rear break, as required by the most modern standards, is a post mount in the horizontal chain stay (more rigid and light). The choice of components and frame specifications (conical headset, steering angle, rear stay length) make this mountain bike very precise in its driving but without being too nervous, thus suitable for both racing and comfortable usage.

Hardtail 29”
UD Carbon frame
Tapered headset
Press Fit 30
Post Mount integrated in horizontal chain stay
Integrated cables
Available in the new Torpado colours