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Nearco 27.5”, the truth is in the halfway
Acceleration, Flexibility and Lightness combined with the advantages
of the 29”
Gary Fisher, mountain bike pioneer, claims that larger wheels ensure better performance because they reduce the angle of attack (thus facilitating obstacle crossing) and tire tread contact is greater. Years of competition on 26” bikes combined with the advantages of larger wheels, have allowed Torpado to develop the 27.5".
This development combines the advantages of the 29” (stability, safety in handling and crossing obstacles) while maintaining the acceleration, flexibility and lightness of the 26”. Moreover, the geometry has been changed in order to keep the features of the 26” such as central motion which remains at the same height. This is why Torpado has chosen the Nearco 27.5”: it is the right compromise.

The geometry and the steering angle is 70°, Steering column 73°, length of chain stays 425 mm. It was decided to adopt the option to proceed with the development of the T50 trapezoidal tube that provides rigidity to pedalling. All the technological features resulting from research have
been integrated in this mountain bike.

Technical features:

Raw frame weight (Size M) 990 gr
Hardtail 27,5”
High modulus carbon monocoque (UDM)
Press Fit 30
Direct Mount front derailleur
Tapered headtube
Integrated rear brake cables
Through axle X12 mm
Seatpost 27.2 mm
Colours: 2 versions white/black/red and black/blue Torpado version
Raw frame weight (Size M) 990 gr